Putra kedua dari Harrie Koesbianto & Miranti Yusnita Kristiobudhi (almh).



Putri pertama dari I Putu Agus Yudiawan & Agustina Ngesti Utami Kusuma Saptari.

“To lead a better life, I need my love to be here.”

John Lennon & Paul McCartney

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2020/11/19 17:18:46


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Our Love Story

Our story starts with music, a music class. Andreas just moved from Jakarta to Bali and one of his colleagues asked him to teach in one of their music for film class program. Nikki was one of the participants there and even though it wasn’t as dramatic as in the movies, our eyes locked in the first sight and the seed of love was planted. Lunches, dinners and even music rehearsals and performances became the stepping stones that brought our hearts closer. One year later we finally decided to tie the knot after getting to know each other, especially during the pandemy. Both of us are apt pupils of life, and both of us have music as a big part in our lives. Here’s to more adventures, more music and more happiness to share with our family and friends!

Thanks to our supporting friends at

Thanks to our supporting friends at